Magnetic shield transformer

Hi-B, Thickness 0.23mm silicon steel strip will be adopted to design a magnetic shield transformer. It has low flux leakage and low core loss. Enclose the transformer in an magnetic shield enclosure to make sure it has much lower flux leakage. this kind of transformer has not only a good appearance but also high performance. It effectively reduced the magnetic flux interference to other components. And it is suitable for hi-end audio system.

magnetic shield transformer

Low flux leakage

Hi-B core will be used for magnetic shield transformer. Then pot the transformer in a magnetic shield enclosure to reduce the flux leakage further more.

Cute appearance

Pot the transformer in an enclosure, leaving out the complex accessories, become brief.

Both toroidal and O core transformer can be potted

Thickness 1mm extruded magnetic shield enclosure. It is shaped in one step. Black paint on the surface, anti rust. Both toroidal transformer and O core transformer can be potted in it.

transformer potted

Magnetic Shield Transformer Series

Power(VA) A×W×X(mm) E×F(mm) øG(mm)
50 95×95×50 80×80 4
50 113×113×45 95×95 4
100 130×30×57 105×105 4
150 130×130×57 105×105 4
200 140×140×65 110×110 4
250 140×140×65 110×110 4
300 150×150×65 120×120 4
400 150×150×65 120×120 4
500 157×157×75 126×126 4
magnetic shield transformer dimension

Custom service

We supply custom made maignetic shield transformers to satisfy special requests and needs. Please get in touch with us through the contact information on our website. We can design and manufacture transformers suitable for you.