Double c core transformer (ED type)

ED core transformer is also called double C core transformer. From it's appearance, ED core transformer looks like two pieces of C core, and that is why we call it double C core transformer or dual C core transformer. ED core transformer has only one coil, and both primary windings and secondary windings are contained in this coil. The coil is surrounded by ED core. So, dual C core transformer is shell type transformer. Shell type transformer has firm structure.

double C core transformer

Double C core output transformer

Double C core transformer is usually used for audio output transformer, and has excellent performance. Double C core transformer is called cut-core trasnformer by Japanese. It has larger flux saturation volume than traditional EI type transformer. Due to this, double C core transformer is not easy to get saturated, and has less overload distortion. Double C core transformer has strong and deep low frequency response. It is a good choice for audio output transformer.

ED core

0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm Hi-B oriented silicon steel strip will be adopted to make sure the best magnetic performance. It is made by a continuous silicon steel strip, no break point. The cut surface is smoothly processed, so there is less air gap and less flux leakage, which guaranteed the high magnetic performance.

ED core
ofc copper wire

Copper wire

OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) copper wire applied in our double C core transformers. OFC has no hydrogen embrittlement, and has a high conductivity. It is commonly used in audio equipment, vacuum electronic components, wire and so on.


From picking up a core, calculating an appropriate copper wire to delivery test, every single double C core transformer should undergo very strict processing flow. Only strict processing technics can guarantee a high quality double C core transformer. And only transformers from regular manufacturers can guarantee strict processing technics.

ED core transformer

ED Core Transformer Series

Power(VA) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
5 48×40×42 0.22
8 48×44×42 0.26
10 48×49×42 0.31
20 64×48×56 0.45
30 64×52×56 0.52
40 64×57×56 0.62
50 64×64×56 0.74
60 80×60×70 0.88
70 80×65×70 1.02
90 70×72×70 1.22
120 80×80×70 1.46
130 100×75×88 1.71
160 100×82×78 2.03
200 100×90×98 1.39
260 100×100×88 2.84
300 128×96×112 3.67
400 128×104×112 4.28
500 128×114×112 5.02
600 128×128×112 6.09
700 160×120×140 7.32
800 160×130×140 8.52
1000 160×144×140 10.18
1200 160×160×140 12.19
ED transformer dimension

Custom service

We supply custom made double C core transformers to satisfy special requests and needs. Please get in touch with us through the contact information on our website. We can design and manufacture transformers suitable for you.