C core transformer (CD type)

CD type transformer is a kind of C core transformer. It is built by assemabed C core which is made of Hi-B oriented silicon steel strip. C core is assemabled by 2 U shape cores, and there is gap between two U shape cores. C core is also called cut core, because it looks like a rounded rectangle cutted at the center. Air gap is not always bad for transformers. Sometimes it does good. C core is good at making choke and audio output transformer, because of it's adjustable air gap. Certain air gap can reduce the flux saturation.

C core transformer

Easily assembled

Prepare 2 coils and insert the core. That is simple. There is no need to insert EI laminations one by one like EI transformer.

Air gap adjustable

The air gap in C core can be adjusted as you wish to make different applications.It is suitable to make choke and audio output transformer.

C core

0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm Hi-B oriented silicon steel strip will be adopted to make sure the best magnetic performance. It is made by a continuous silicon steel strip, no break point. The cut surface is smoothly processed, certain air gap in the magnetic core can make the transformer not easy to saturated.

C core
ofc copper wire

Copper wire

OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) copper wire applied in our C core transformers. OFC has no hydrogen embrittlement, and has a high conductivity. It is commonly used in audio equipment, vacuum electronic components, wire and so on.


From picking up a core, calculating an appropriate copper wire to delivery test, every single C type transformer should undergo very strict processing flow. Only strict processing technics can guarantee a high quality C type transformer. And only transformers from regular manufacturers can guarantee strict processing technics.

C core transformer

C Core Transformer Series

Power(VA) A×W×X(mm) E×F(mm)
5 60×38×60 50×33
8 60×38×65
10 60×68×72
15 60×68×82
20 70×50×65 50.5×42
25 70×50×75
30 70×50×84
40 70×50×95
70 85×60×82 66×46
90 85×60×92
120 85×60×106
150 85×60×122
190 110×80×97 82×61
220 110×80×110
290 110×80×130
350 110×80×150
400 145×95×128 110×70
500 145×95×143
600 145×95×163
800 145×95×183
900 170×110×162 143×88
1000 170×110×175
1300 170×110×218
1600 170×110×240
C core transformer dimension

Custom service

We supply custom made C core transformers to satisfy special requests and needs. Please get in touch with us through the contact information on our website. We can design and manufacture transformers suitable for you.